Beauty Battle: Clarisonic Mia VS Foreo Luna

Beauty Battle - the maquillage

It seems the old hands and fingers just don’t cut the mustard anymore when it comes to cleaning your visage. With promises of getting a deep clean “6 times more effective than hands alone!” and all sorts of T-sonic cleansing wizardry, the simple act of washing your face is now littered with choices. Should I stick to using hands or a wash cloth, or are cleansing gadgets such as the Clarisonic Mia and the Foreo Luna really that much more effective, or worth the hefty $$$ pricetags? I pit them against each other to find out…

Clarisonic Mia
The Clarisonic first came on my radar after I read a beauty blog post where Zoe Foster Blake she raving about this amazing cleansing device she was using.  In a typical reaction to anything Zoe raves about (yes I know, easily enabled), I jumped online immediately to purchase one.  Soon, the Mia in lavender with a sensitive brush head winged its way to me. I congratulated myself on a purchase well made – my skin looked brighter and clearer from day dot.  I used it about two to three times a week in combination with my Alpha-H Balancing cleanser, and my skin felt tingly and cleansed and and super soft to the touch. Most importantly, it looked clear. I experimented with a few brush heads and found the deep pore brush was my best match.  I was absolutely loving the Clarisonic, but after about a year and a half or so, I noticed my skin was not loving the cleansing brush treatment like it initially did in the beginning. My skin started to get red and irritated after each use, which we all know is extremely un-pretty. In desperation, I switched back to a sensitive brush head but found the problem was continuing. I decided to (sob!) take a break from it altogether.

Foreo Luna
During my self-imposed break from the Clarisonic, the Foreo Luna popped up on Cult Beauty.  I adore a good facial, so the Luna’s promises of giving the effect of a mini-facial with each use lured me right in.  I picked up the mini Luna in purple (anyone noticing my penchant for all things purple?)  The Luna is covered in silicone touch-points (so no changing of brush heads – huzzah!) and cleanses with T-sonic pulsations, which is a more non-abrasive method compared to bristles. The Luna is a cute, nifty little gizmo – and cleansing with a small vibrating device was certainly… different.   It definitely lived up to it’s glow-giving promises, and my skin felt fresh and deeply-cleansed after each use.  I did find that it triggered breakouts around my chin, which were to be expected as it cleanses so deeply.

The Victor:  So the result of my experimentation with cleansing brushes?  If you have sensitive skin, the Clarisonic may prove too abrasive over time. If you do pick one up, I would experiment with the different brush heads to find one perfect for you – it may be one of their traditional heads, or one of their softer Cashmere heads, ideal for easily upset skin. But in the end, the Foreo Luna is my device of choice – once my skin got past the initial breakout on my chin I haven’t looked back, and nothing else quite achieves deep cleanse that the Luna gives, without irritating my skin. And unlike the Clarisonic, you don’t have to keep ordering new brush heads every three months, so overall the Luna is easier on the hip pocket as well.

Interested to try one out?  You can check out and pick up a Clarisonic Mia here, and the Foreo Luna here.

Have you tried either of these cleansing devices?  Does either one work better for you?

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  • Madeleine – The Daily Mark

    Aww we seem to like the opposites all around! I have the full size foreo Luna and absolutely LOVE it! We’re so lucky to be so spoilt for choice with awesome products!

    • Angie || the maquillage

      Aren’t we! I’m giving the Luna a go again, but using it more the way I would have the Clarisonic, ie two or three times a week rather than once or twice a day, to see if I can slowly incorporate in back into my routine without triggering a massive breakout. I know that so many people love theirs so I thought it was only fair to give it another try :)

      • Madeleine – The Daily Mark

        Yeah definitely. I broke out the first week of using it because it just brought everything up and then it was great after that until well I was an idiot and went off the pill. Worst mistake ever in terms of my skin haha!

  • Sheri

    That’s the problem I have with many of these cleansing devices, I just KNOW they’ll get too abrasive for my sensitive as anything skin. :( The Foreo Luna looks super cute though!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

  • Andrea @ Sublime Finds

    I too am a Zoe devotee and had bought a Clarisonic on her recommendation. My skin was great with it, after initial break outs in the first week or two. When the Go-To range came out, I started using the cleansing foam, and loving that, but it didn’t feel great with the Clarisonic, so I kinda retired the Clarisonic. I miss it a bit. I’d bought a softer brush head (just the sensitive one) that I don’t think I’ve put on yet, I think I’m going to dig that baby out. Had been really curious about the Foreo Luna though! Glad it’s been a winner for you!

  • Nomadic Envy

    love your post! i like my luna but i occasionally do wish that i had clarisonic just for my nose area for white/blackheads