Good skin from the inside out


As a survivor of some pretty un-pretty acne, it’s fair to say I’ve tried every remedy in the book to try and calm things down and clear things up.  It’s been (and still is) a long road, but I’m finally learning what works for me and gathering an arsenal of products and routines I swear by.  Read on…

Eating and drinking well does actually work.  Really, it does.
If I’ve had a heavy weekend on the vodka-lemonades and McDonald’s cheeseburgers, you will know immediately by the state of my face by about Tuesday morning.  Pizza-face central.  The age-old idea of drinking water and eating well for nice skin is not just an old wives’ tale, but completely true.  You might have heard the same with getting enough sleep.  Also correct.  Add some lemon slices into your water for a double-whammy-cleansing effect.

Supplements are your new best friend.
Zinc supplements are a recent addition to my good-skin collection, but one of the most important.  Zinc works by reducing the amount of sebum is produced in the skin, and one a day prevents my skin from turning into an oil slick and leaves it usually blemish-free.  Also on my supplement hit list are a good quality fish oil, and Evening Primrose Oil to keep the hormone side of things in check.  (Good to check with a Doc before beginning new supps to make sure all is on the up and up!)

Wash your face in the morning.  Duh.
Sounds like a no-brainer right?  I’m ashamed to say until a couple of years ago, I was in the no-morning-wash brigade.  As a user of hideously drying acne cleansers as a teen, the thought of torturing my skin on a twice daily basis was too much to handle, and the ‘once a day’ habit came with me to my older years.  It was only since discovering Caroline Hirons and her eyebrow skincare advice that I saw the light and the importance of a gentle cleanse in the morning.

Chemical Exfoliation sounds a bit scary but it’s actually amazing.
As you might have discovered in my foray into cleansing devices, my skin isn’t always overjoyed by being manually exfoliated by an over-sized electronic toothbrush.  A gentle exfoliating pad used at the toning stage of your skincare routine (such as these) or an overnight dose of Liquid Gold can be your best friends in your crusade against problem skin.  The glycolic acid in these products work to gently dissolve the fats that bind the dead skin cells on the upper layers of your skin together, clearing clogged pores and keeping blemishes at bay.

Keep up the treatments.
Along with rocking a regular skincare routine during the week, I will also set aside time on a Sunday night to go to town on my mask collection to treat problems that might have come up during the week (blemishes, dull skin, dryness).  Every couple of months or so I will have a professional facial to get a deeep clean (and also indulge in a little relaxation time!), my go-to is the Deep Cleansing Facial at Ella Bache.

What are your tips for happy skin?  Let us in on your secrets in the comments!