Beauty Battle: Lucas’ VS Suvana


Yep it’s Beauty Battle time again, and going up against each other this week is paw paw stalwart Lucas’ Papaw ointment, and the new contender and organic offering, Suvana Paw Paw and Honey balm.

For years I have been a vocal advocate of Lucas’ after it came to my rescue in the aftermath of the boiling-hot-wax-spilled-on-skin incident of 2009, which left my hand with severe burns and a disinclination to at-home wax ever again.  Once the hole in my hand had largely closed up, daily application of the Lucas’ made sure I was left without a scratch (the nightmares about sizzling skin and tetnus shots on the other hand, it could do nothing about).  Ever since then I have used Lucas for everything from healing cuts and scratches quickly, to softening chapped lips, to reducing pigmentation from acne scars.  The only thing that has recently diverted me from my Lucas’ loving ways is that I found out that it is based with petroleum jelly (think Vaseline and the likes), and in this organic-obsessed day and age, I thought I’d give a more natural option a go.

Suvana Paw Paw and Honey balm is yummy yummy yummy.  I struggle to not eat this off my lips every time I apply it, such is the deliciousness of the honey scent.  This balm works the same magic, if not better, as the Lucas’ does on my lips, which keeps it in active use at both work and at home, but I find for pigmentation reduction and healing abrasions, it doesn’t have quite the same punch as Lucas’.

The victor:  It’s a tough call but it’s going to have to go to the Lucas’, if only that it works best for me for it’s multiple upon multiple uses.

Have you tried either of these balms? Which do you prefer?  Do you avoid Lucas’ because of the petroleum-jelly base?