This highlighting brush changed my mind about highlighting brushes.

Touche Veloutee - the maquillageTouche Veloutee - the maquillage

I never really bought into the YSL Touche Eclat hype-machine. It just kind of… fell flat for me.  The highlighting effect was all a bit nothing special, and the concealing power was, for all intents and purposes, non-existent.  So when I darkened the doorstep of my local Mecca Cosmetica with the goal of picking up a new concealer (Nars Creamy Concealer was the intended acquisition), I ended up being diverted by a Touche Eclat version 2.0….and I don’t regret it one bit.  Why’s that you ask?  Because the Mecca consultants are persuasive geniuses who I can never say no to.  But also…

By Terry Touche Veloutee is a magic potion.

Seriously.  A lifting, brightening, all-round beautifying potion.  After a few dabs over my problem areas, under my eyes and around my nose, I looked in the mirror and an even-toned, clear skinned stranger stared back out at me.   My face looked infinitely more brightened and alive than it did ten seconds ago. There was no tell-tale concealer-creasing around my eyes, and my dark circles had been tamed.  The formula felt powdery and soft and all types of smooth on my skin.  It was love at first swipe.

The new and improved five minute face.

This brush has completely changed the way I apply makeup in the morning.  Often, after choosing sleep over getting-ready-for-work time, I’ll only have a few minutes to make myself look convincing as a human and not as corpse-like as I do first thing in the morning.  With a few choice swipes of the Touche Veloutee, along with a quick sweep of bronzer, a slick of mascara, a few strokes with a  brow pencil and a dab of lipgloss, I now have the five minute face down-pat.  And it’s not a bad five minute face either.  For extra concealing power under my eyes for those mornings after a glass too many of sauv blanc the night before, I’ll apply some Bobbi Brown corrector or the Napoleon Perdis The One concealer underneath to bump up the coverage.  Hot tip:  Give the brush a quick wipe down with a makeup remover wipe after each use to keep it fresh and clean.

This isn’t Terry’s first highlighting brush rodeo.

Those familiar with the brand By Terry will know ‘Terry’ (de Gunzburg) was also the brains behind the aforementioned Touche Eclat during her time at YSL – but don’t be fooled dear readers, as Terry has saved her concealer brush big guns for her own brand.  She hasn’t skimped on the pricing though (AUD $79), so be sure to let a Mecca magician make sure it’s the right formula for you before shelling out your hard earned.

Touche Veloutee is available at Mecca Cosmetica instore or online.

Have you tried Touche Veloutee?  Or even its cousin, Touche Eclat?  Which do you prefer?  Let me know in the comments!