Black Chicken Balm of Ages

Balm of Ages - the maquillage

Balm of Ages - the maquillage

Winter has never agreed with me – or should I say, I’ve never agreed with winter. As a Brisbane born-and-bred gal, temps below 15 degrees are my idea of Antarctic-conditions, and the words ‘wind chill factor’ are enough to make me want to disappear under a toasty down-filled quilt and never come out. Despite this, somehow I’ve found myself living in cooler climes such as London and currently Melbourne, where for me the winter months are all about hibernation and being in the vicinity of a fireplace at all times. On the occasions I do have to go out into cold, my skin suffers for it. Think rough skin patches, painfully chapped lips and flaky, parched feet (apologies for the not-so-pretty picture). At the moment my Suvana pawpaw and honey balm has been doing it’s best to help my lips, but to combat the increasingly frosty conditions I wanted to try something that packed a bit more of a hydration punch.

Balm of Ages by Black Chicken Remedies

First things first: Smell-a-vision should be invented just for this organic multi-use balm alone. The combination of all-natural ingredients creates a scent which the epitome of the word delicious – I think I spent my first five minutes after opening the tub just inhaling it. Secondly, Black Chicken’s wares have been blessed with the Caroline Hirons tick of approval – and we all know how I feel about that. But most importantly, this balm laughs in the face of cold winter air. A weekend spent in temperatures on the wrong side of 5 degrees in country Victoria meant I had a golden opportunity to really give this baby a go, and boy did she deliver.

The Road Test

When my lips felt dry, they were soothed instantly. The formula is non-greasy and feels really nice and light on the lips, not sticky or heavy at all. I’m actually sure you’re not supposed to eat it, but just so you know it tastes as good as it smells. I also used it for dry patches around my nose, and the usual flakiness was nowhere to be seen. The compact screw-top tub mean it’s not a drama to carry it around with you and whip out whenever you need skin soothed. It even stepped in as a makeup remover when I realised I left my usual at home, and it handled the job beautifully.

It’s a keeper.

In the months ahead I’m going to be faithfully using this morning and night to see if it can fully revive my poor winter-affected feet, and I’ll also keep one on hand for summer in case there are any accidental cases of sunburn. If your skin also suffers in the depths of the winter months, I can highly recommend giving this a whirl – and come back let me know how much you love the smell! You can pick one up to try yourself here.

Does your skin throw a tantrum as soon as the cold winds of winter start blowing? Have you tried anything by Black Chicken? Let me know in the comments!

*Product sent for editorial consideration, but as always 100% my honest opinion.

  • Josie

    Black Chicken is such a peculiar name! But I do love a good balm, this sounds great!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

    • Angie || the maquillage

      Isn’t it! Different but memorable hehe. It’s a fantastic balm, I’m addicted :)