Napoleon Perdis Radiance-Boosting Mask

Auto Pilot Radiance Boosting Mask - the maquillage
Auto Pilot Radiance Boosting Mask - the maquillage

Napoleon Perdis is typically lauded for his eponymous collection of makeup and makeup tools, and so he should be – it’s a multi-award winning, consistently on-point range beloved by makeup mavens everywhere (myself included). However, when I first discovered the Auto Pilot skincare range, I was a little dubious – surely the key focus of this brand is gorgeous makeup, not quality skincare? From first try of the deliciously-scented and powerful Skin Renewal Serum, I was pleased to be proven utterly wrong, and it’s now one of the key steps in my morning routine. So naturally I was very excited to find out that the Auto-Pilot range was expanding, with one of the most recent additions being the Radiance Boosting Mask.

Auto Pilot Radiance Boosting Mask* – The Road Test.
The key ingredients are Jojoba oil and Vitamin E to give dry, uneven skin a moisture boost and plump out any fine lines, and ‘3D silicone elastomers’, which create a velvety, matte base for makeup.

This mask is a clear, slightly sticky gel which smooths on evenly over your skin. The first thing that may hit you is the fruity scent, which is on the stronger side – it’s not at all unpleasant, but those sensitive or adverse to fragrance in their products may find it a lil’ overpowering. As per the instructions, I popped it on for 15 minutes before I started my makeup. You can rinse or tissue off, but for me I found it was a little stubborn and I needed to remove with a washcloth to take it off properly.

The Results.
When I removed this mask, my initial reaction was one of ‘hmm, not bad‘. My skin looked hydrated and felt nice and soft, but there didn’t appear to be anything earth-shattering going on. The real magic of this mask happens when you apply your makeup – all I could say was WOW. My foundation hugged my skin like never before, blending in seamlessly and evenly, creating a beautiful base. I found I needed much less foundation than normal because the small amount I initially put on had applied and blended so, so well that no more was required. This mask gives your skin a lovely glow, so I skipped the usual powder so I could rock the ‘dewy’ look. My makeup lasted well into the night without touch-ups, which pleased me immensely.

What I loved: This is the ULTIMATE base for makeup. This mask is just made for your base to hug and settle in to your skin leaving a glowy, even finish.

What I didn’t: While I did find the mask hard to remove without a washcloth, it’s not something that would deter me from using it. The ingredients are silicone-heavy, but I personally got along fine with it, no sign of any breakouts afterwards.

Will I keep using it? Definitely. This mask is all about working smarter, not harder. Less product required, less time spent on applying and perfecting your base, and makeup lasts longer. It’s a winner in my books.

You can pick up the Auto Pilot Radiance Boosting mask here.

Have you tried any products from the Napoleon Perdis Skincare range? What did you think? 

  • Madeleine – The Daily Mark

    So trying this one! Anything that keeps me dewy and makes makeup stay put is an A+ in my books! Thanks so much for sharing!

    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

    • Angie || the maquillage

      Ah same here, anything that doesn’t have me carting around foundation touch-up products wins with me every time :)

  • Josie

    Ooh this sounds awesome! Thanks for the review – I’m always hunting for dewy glowy products!

    Josie xoxo Fashion Mumblr

    • Angie || the maquillage

      You won’t be disappointed, it definitely gives good glow! x

  • Ingrid @ IngStyle

    The fact that it’s silicone heavy makes me a little frightened but otherwise it sounds amazing. Love that it works as a pre-makeup booster :)

    • Angie || the maquillage

      It is SO good before makeup, makes foundation look amazing… I was a little apprehensive as well so went light-on with the first application, my skin can be a bit temperamental, but it got along fine with this one :) x

  • Lauren Nettle

    They released this just before I went to the academy. In the academy they said you don’t have to follow those instructions you can use it a few different ways. Put it on as a nightly moisturiser and you don’t need to remover, the way it describes on the package or using a very small amount underneath foundation. If you use at night put the serum on underneath the mask I can’t even begin to describe the way that makes my face feel!

    • Angie || the maquillage

      Oooh sounds amazing, will definitely try the serum under the mask, thank you for the tip!! xx

      • Lauren Nettle

        All good. Can’t keep all the good things to myself ;) xx