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Ahh, sheet masks. Such an effective way to inject some goodness into your skin, but they’re probably not one of the prettiest face adornments in the world. Luckily, the results are usually worth giving your pet/husband/housemate a fright. Recently I’ve been giving two moisturising sheet masks from two different brands a whirl in the name of crowning Beauty Battle winner, but one mask completely blew me away and the competition out of the water, so I thought it deserved a post all on it’s own…

Lonvitalite C4 Coconut Milk Hydrating and Nourishing mask*
I’ve only been recently introduced to Gold Coast based Lonvitalite, but from the sounds of it I’ve been missing out on some amazing sheet-mask action. The range of masks tackle a host of concerns, and target particular areas that need a bit of help – face, hands and eyes.

The C4 Coconut Milk mask’s task is to deeply hydrate and soften skin with coconut oil and sweet almond oil, getting right into the skin to provide some intense nourishment. The size of the mask itself fits my face well, but as the cloth is so soaked in serum (never a bad thing) and can tend to slide off if I move around too much, I make sure I can have a proper relaxation session with one of these just before bed (also never a bad thing). The instructions say to leave on for 20 minutes and wash off with warm water, but I have been putting my own twist on the treatment by leaving the mask on for about 40 minutes, or until most of the serum has been soaked out of the mask, and then leaving the serum on my skin overnight to let it work it’s magic.

Lonvitalite - themaquillage.com.au

The results?
Soft soft soft glow glow glow amazing amazing amazing. The feeling of my skin after using one of these was unlike I’d ever felt it before, it was INCREDIBLE. Like I’d had the best facial of my life. It was actually better than any facial I’ve had. I know coconut-scented beauty products can be somewhat polarising, but I’m completely onboard – I think the scent of coconut is delicious, and the subtle scent from these masks is especially so.

Hot tip: There is a mountain of serum in the pouch. Don’t waste it. I take any leftovers and use as a serum under my usual moisturiser the next day.  You can also pop these foil-wrapped masks in the fridge to give your skin a cool treat, or warm them up for a super relaxing effect.

I can safely say these masks will be a permanent feature of my Sunday night routine for many a Sunday night to come. You can grab a pack of five from the Lonvitalite website for $36, or if your curious about the other offerings in the range, you can pick up the Ultimate Face Pack, which includes the full range of face masks, for $29 which is a complete bargain.

Have you tried Lonvitalite before? Are you a fan of sheet masks? Let me know in the comments!


  • Beauty & Lifestyle Hunter

    I’ve heard so many good things about the Lonvitalite masks but I’m yet to try them -your review so makes me want to!! And not sure if I’ve said before, but if no, I absolutely love your photos, I have so much to learn, LOL!!! xx

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie || the maquillage

      Oooh you must try this one, it’s incredible. My skin LOVES it hehe. Thanks lovely, that’s really nice of you to say!! xx

  • http://berrixbeauty.blogspot.com/ Sheri

    Dang this sounds downright amazing! I haven’t tried Lonvitalite but they seem to get the love of so many bloggers so it must be for good reason. I like hydrating sheet masks but most don’t seem to do anything extra. The method you use sounds better to me too!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie || the maquillage

      They are soo good. I hadn’t heard of or tried Lonvitalite until recently and it seemed like everyone else on the planet knew of the brand and had tried it, so I felt a bit behind in the times hehehe… But I’m going to be happily purchasing these in the future, love how beauty blogging can put these amazing products in your path that you may have never tried otherwise x

  • http://www.ingstyleblog.com/ Ingrid @ IngStyle

    Sheet masks are the business. I love that they are so easy, effective and lush.

    Haven’t tried Lonvitalite before but must add it to my list x

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie || the maquillage

      They are aren’t they! I’m definitely converted to them now… Definitely do, this one is a good’un x