Evening Skincare Routine


I adore the wind-down that comes with a nighttime skincare routine, and I consider my night products to be key – it’s the time when I bust out all my top shelf prodz and give my skin some tender loving care.

Pre-Cleanse/Makeup removal: Depending on whether I’ve been sporting a full face of makeup or not will usually dictate whether I start my routine with this lovely Pre-Cleanse from Dermalogica. I’ll slather this on all over my face (including over the eyes to start removing eye makeup), rub over with water to emulsify and remove. Big fan of this stuff.

Cleanse: Yep, you knew she was going to be here – Emma Hardie Amazing Face. I’ll take a moderate dab of this and massage into my skin, and leave on to sit as a mask while I’m doing other showerly chores. I’ll then remove with a face cloth and be rewarded with plumped up, cleansed and glowing skin.

Eye cream: New into the rotation is Kosmea’s Apple of my Eye cream . This is my first foray into Kosmea’s range, but I’ve only heard good things so I don’t think I’ll be disappointed. Watch out for a full review shortly.

Exfoliate: I was so very excited to get a sample of the Radical Skincare Exfoliating Pads in the most recent Beauty Loop box, and I’ve just received my order from Mecca for the full size. It was love at first swipe. Nothing (not even my beloved Verso Night Cream) quite matches up to the glow-giving and spot-killing powers of this beauty. I alternate days so as to not overwhelm my skin or cause any more problems from over-exfoliation.

Hydrate: A few spritzes of the Antipodes Ananda toner from my morning routine does the trick, plus a few drops of Aesop’s Oil Free Hydrating serum for a double punch of moisture.

Moisturise: Pai’s BioRegenerate Rosehip Oil has been a fixture in my routine for the past couple of months, and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. I love how this soaks into my skin makes it feel so incredibly soft and hydrated. The next morning I’m rewarded with calm, glowing skin.

Do you bring out your big guns for your night routine? Any faves you’ve got in the mix at the moment?

  • http://www.shiwashiful.blogspot.com/ Tasha

    Lovely routine, so many beautiful products! The exfoliating pads sound so lovely, I really love the ones from First aid beauty too. I really want to try the Pai rose hip oil, but of course I love rose hip oil in general. It does wonders for the skin!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie || the maquillage

      Rosehip oil is amazing isn’t it! I can’t believe I avoided it so long because I thought I would instantly break out… I was so so wrong hehe x

  • http://thesundaychapter.blogspot.com Angela

    I really want to try the pre-cleanse from Dermologica – I think that’s going straight on my wishlist! The Aesop hydrating serum sounds lovely, plus I’m a sucker for their packaging. Can’t wait for the eye cream review xx

    The Sunday Chapter

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie || the maquillage

      I love the pre-cleanse, it smells sooo good and it’s so good at what it does… other Dermalogica prodz can be a bit hit n miss for me but this one is such a little beauty x

  • http://berrixbeauty.blogspot.com/ Sheri

    Lovely post. The Emma Hardie Amazing Face sounds well ‘amazing’! The exfoliating pads sound interesting as well. “Apple of my eye” cream is such a cute name!

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie || the maquillage

      Love love love Emma Hardie, I can’t wait til the day they start selling it in Australia, that will be a good day! It is such a cute name isn’t! x

  • http://www.brodiejay.com/ Brodie Curnow

    You are greatly tempting me to cave and buy those Radical Exfoliating Pads. Gahhhh!

    Brodie Jay

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie || the maquillage

      They are so so good. I really didn’t want to be sucked in but their blemish-zapping power is undeniable hehe x

  • http://www.skeeterandscout.com Lucy @ Skeeter & Scout

    I bloody love pre cleanse, man!

    Lucy x

  • http://thebeautyinformer.com The Beauty Informer

    Love the Antipodes Ananda Toner and the radical pads. Great product selection!