The Eyes Have It

The Eyes Have It -

Is anyone else confused about the necessity (or not) of eye creams? I definitely am. Opinions in the beauty world tend to be divided – depending on who you listen to, eye creams are either an essential weapon in the war against aging, or completely useless, with your usual moisturiser more than capable of doing the same job. And then we have the “magical” eye creams that make the big, impressive claims (usually found on Morning Show infomercials), which promise to erase all your fine lines until it looks like you’ve ironed your face, pledge to make you look like you’ve had your full eight hours when you’ve really crawled out of a taxi at 4:00am, or zap puffy eyes with the power of a needle on a balloon. All with four easy payments of $49.95.

I don’t really buy into the big promises, but in the hopes there is a beneficial element to eye creams, my ideal product would be one that simply keeps my general orbital area hydrated, which can be used both morning and night, all the while being wallet-friendly. In my quest to find the perfect eye cream, I’ve given three products the roadtest treatment…

The Eyes Have It -

Indeed Labs: Eysilix
From the brand who brought us the skincare craze that is Hydraluron, Eysilix is a lightweight, non-scented eye cream in a compact squeezy package with a nozzle, which means you can dispense exactly the right amount with no mess or fuss. And unfortunately this is where the product’s benefits for me end. After application, my skin didn’t feel even the slightest bit more hydrated than it had done before I popped it on, and despite the description citing all sorts of lifting/smoothing/de-puffing technology, over the course of two weeks I saw absolutely nada results. For $35 for 15mls, I would have liked to have seen at least some moisturisation/hydration, but it wasn’t meant to be. Sorry Eysilix, off to a better home for you.
Pros: Compact packaging, nozzle dispenser. Cons: No visible results or hydration. Would I repurchase? No.

People for Plants: Kakadu Plum, Calendula, Chamomile Eye Cream*
Another fragrance-free cream is housed in a compact squeezy tube with a nozzle, but this is where the similarity to Eysilix ends. The feel on the skin is lovely and cooling, and the product absorbs quickly while leaving the area feeling nice and hydrated. I would recommend this more for those who have more normal to oily skin, as it might not give enough of a hydration punch to dryer skins, but as a combo-skin gal like myself, this suits me perfectly well. At $19.95 for 15ml, it’s also gives the most value for money out of the three products, and is handily stocked at Priceline, which makes repurchasing a breeze.
Pros: Compact packaging and easy dispensing. Good hydration for my skin type. Best price point out of three products trialed. Cons: Not suitable for dryer skin types. Would I repurchase? Yes.

Kosmea: Apple of my Eye Cream*
This cutely-named product actually has me a little bit divided. I absolutely ADORE the cream itself; it’s rich without being heavy, it leaves the skin looking and feeling extremely hydrated, and it’s the only cream out of the three to produce noticeable results – dark circles appear lighter, and the surface of my skin looked smoother. What the what?! Amazing.  But! The scent. I can’t say I’m the biggest fan. It almost has a really really tangy apple scent (I’m guessing apple anyway since it’s in the ingredients), but I’m letting it slide since I figure at least it’s not packed full of fragrances to sweeten it up.
Also, the dispenser. The product is in a tube, but not a squeezy tube, so you have to press down on the long applicator to get the product to dispense. If you’re like me and you press down too hard on the applicator, you end up with product all over yourself and the bathroom. With that lesson learnt, I now give the dispenser a very gentle half press and pump on to the back of my hand, and even then I end up with too much product for the small area of skin I need it for. Scent and dispensing issues aside though, this cream is the one I keep coming back to out of the three. It is the most expensive of the lot however at $44.95 for 15mls, but I found the results to be worth the price.
Pros: Best hydration and most visible results. Cons: Slightly unpleasant scent, tricky dispenser, highest price point. Would I repurchase? Yes.

 What do you think about the necessity of eye creams? Do you have a favourite? Or do you give them a miss?


  • Tasha

    I have to agree with you, for myself eye cream isn’t an essential at all really – I don’t have terribly dark circles or dry under eyes, but they do tend to get puffy. I’ve been using the People for Plants one too and I’m really liking it! I agree that it’s cooling, and I find it well hydrating. Also, I’ve been so sleep deprived lately (blame grade 12 stress) but I don’t look it at all!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • Angie || the maquillage

      Ah good to hear you are loving PFP! Yep I definitely remember yr 12 being such a stressful time! But the best feeling in the world when it’s over hehe xx

  • Beauty Bee

    Great post! I have the Kosmea Apple of my Eye Cream but haven’t tried it out yet (after your post I’m excited to started using it!). I unfortunately have terrible dark under eye circles and I’m yet to find my HG eye cream or under eye concealer *sigh… Hopefully I get some good results from the Kosmea eye cream :)

    I try and use an eye cream containing vitamin A for night and something lighter for day (so it sits well under makeup) usually with vitamin C or antioxidants. I may be over zealous with my skin care – but prevention is key right? :P

    • Angie || the maquillage

      Prevention is definitely key, totally agree there! Vitamin A at night is a good idea, are there any particular products you’ve found to be good?

      • Beauty Bee

        I like the Dermalogica Age Reversal Eye Complex for night time as it contains vitamin A. It a little expensive but it lasts a long time and isn’t to heavy or greasy despite it’s heavy duty ingredients. It doesn’t help with my under eye circles, but I haven’t gotten any extra fine lines since using this and it keeps the skin around my eyes looking hydrated so I happily keep on using it :) it’s difficult to actually judge how much an eye cream does especially if you have dark circles – but I notice a big difference between my eye area and those of friends who don’t use eye creams (they would kill me if they knew I said that – but it’s true and I’m always telling them to start!).

        Here’s that post I was talking about earlier :)

        • Angie

          Ah I’ve just picked up a sample of that Age Reversal complex so I’ll definitely give it a try and see how it goes… Hehehe yep, definitely better to start sooner rather than later!

          • Beauty Bee

            Oh that’s great – I hope it ends up working for you! xx