August Favourites

August Favourites
August Favourites

Did it feel like August whizzed by in a flash to anyone else, or just me? It might have a lot to do with the fact that I was struck down with the flu for a good part of the month and on holidays for another part, but even then it feels like Favourites time has come around super quickly. But! Spring is very almost here, and soon I’ll be dusting off my favourite peach and coral toned makeup bits and my wardrobe full of maxi dresses, all keen to make a reappearance after their hibernation during winter. In the meantime, here’s what has tickled my fancy during the month that was August…

Benefit They’re Real Liner: What was once Mission Impossible is now Mission Pretty Much Possible. I feel like I can wield this liner now with some confidence, which was definitely not how our relationship started out. I’m loving the longevity of wear, and once I got the hang of it, the ease of creating the perfect feline flick. Look out for this one popping up in an upcoming ‘The Look’ post, based on a Springtime makeup look using Benefit products.

Herbal Essences Naked Shine Shampoo and Conditioner: I’ve been looking for my holy grail S&C for positively an AGE, and after trying a plethora of both super expensive and super cheap products and never being satisfied, I finally found my match when these two arrived in June’s Bellabox. My hair doesn’t feel weighed down, it’s not so fly-away, it just feels good.

Lonvitalite C4 Coconut Milk Hydrating and Nourishing Mask: You can check out my full ode to these masks here, but I’ll just say that these have been my best friend while I have been recovering from the flu, along with the Collagen Crystal Eye Masks. Both have been literally saving my skin.

NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramasu: It’s a late entry into the favourites, but when I happened to take advantage of Target’s 30% off NYX sale, I fell in love with this gloss immediately. And that’s a big statement for me, as I’m not really a gloss girl at all. Thank you Tasha @ Shiwashiful for the suggestion! Stay tuned for a review of this gloss along with the rest of my mini NYX haul during the week.

NARS nail polish in Shameless Red: This pinky-red polish has got me right in the mood for Spring. This is definitely a “me” shade, and I’m sure I’ll be sporting it on quite a regular basis in the months to come.

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  • bgoo100 .

    Lovely favourites! I’ve been in store and had the Benefit liner put on me, but I wasn’t totally convinced so haven’t bought it yet. I feel like everyone is saying the same thing; first impressions aren’t great but then it gets better from there! Desperately need to try the Lonvitalite masks too, they look amazing. Xx

    • Angie

      I was really deterred by the mixed reviews to start with and actually decided not to get it as I was happy enough with my liquid liner…. But curiosity finally got the better of me (and maybe a little bit of makeup FOMO) so I finally grabbed it when I was going past a Benefit counter one day… I think the key is to go in with low expectations to start with, but once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s brilliant x

  • Sheri

    Great faves and photos! I really need to try more Butter Glosses and I love Herbal Essences as a brand.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    • Angie

      It’s so funny, I can’t believe I haven’t tried Herbal Essences sooner, it’s been around for so long now! Oh well, at least I’m finally using it now :)

  • Divya

    Hi Angie! There are so many mixed reviews (the most ever for a product) for the liner that I am completely confused! Great to know that you finally have a hang of it! :-)

    Divya | TheConscienceFund

    • Angie

      It definitely took a few attempts! I was really confused by the reviews as well, but I was going past a Benefit counter and thought why not… and I’m glad I grabbed it! :)

  • Diana P.

    Nyx Butter glosses look so creamy! They must be great, I’d love to try them in the future!

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

    • Angie

      They are great, and that’s coming from someone who really doesn’t like the feel of glosses! And I love this shade as well, it’s the perfect ‘my lips but better’ :)

  • Beauty Bee

    Love the look of that red NARS nail polish! I will have to check it out – I’m a sucker for reds. I also bought the Coconut sheet masks on your recommendation, so I will let you know how I go with them (though I have a good feeling about this hehe ;) )

    • Angie

      Oooh look forward to hearing what you think about the Lonvitalite mask!! I used one last night and I still can’t get over how soft my skin feels afterwards, it’s amazing!

  • Tasha

    Aaah, super glad you’re enjoying the butter gloss! I had to exercise some restraint in picking another up. I really want to though none of the other shades really jump out at me! Excited to see the rest of your haul :)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • Angie

      Thank you for the suggestion! There were a couple of other shades I think I’ll grab in the future, but as I picked a really bright shade in the Soft Matte Lip Cream at the same time, I thought I’d grab a bit more of a muted shade for the gloss, and it’s lovely :)