Most Wanted: September

Most Wanted - The arrival of my favourite season of all (see ya winter, don’t let the door hit you on the way out!) has me very excited to try some recently released beauty bits, and finally get my hands on some products that have been on the lust list for a while now…

NARS Dual Intensity Eyeshadows: By now, every beauty babe and her cute pug has heard about Mecca’s efforts to remain competitive when Sephora arrives, and I intend to take full advantage of the price drop by snapping up several one of these beautiful looking eyeshadows.

NARS Ita Brush: While we are on the subject of NARS, the Ita brush has been tempting me for an age now and I’m desperate to add it to my brush collection. This Mecca price drop is going to do more damage than good to my bank balance I think.

Too Faced Melted Lippies: The obsession with liquid lipsticks continues. Soon I’m going to need a separate room to store them, and every time I open the door, a Lip Tar or an Opaque Rouge is going to fall out. These Melted lippies have been around for a little while now, but I keep coming back to them, a sure sign they are meant to be in my collection! I’m currently eyeing off the shades Peony and Coral from the range.

Lorac Pro Palette: This is the month that I’m going to finally become the proud owner of one of these beauties. I’m opting for the first palette over the second, as I think the shades are a better match to me. There have been rumours around the traps that Lorac are releasing a mega palette at the end of the year so I may regret this purchase later, but certainly not in the first moments when I have this in my hot little hands.

Napoleon Perdis The One Concealer – Light: The One is a staple in my makeup collection for it’s colour correcting and concealing prowess, but I always felt the original shade was just that touch too dark for my skin tone. Someone at Napoleon must have been been tuning into to my my silent pleas for a lighter version, and I’m positive the new shade will be the perfect match for me.

What are you keen to get your hands on this month?

  • Angela

    I can’t live without my Nars Ita brush!! Definitely a staple for me! I’d go for the first Lorac palette too – so incredibly gorgeous. Also I really want to try those Too Faced liquid lippies! My obsession with liquid lipsticks is getting out of hand as well haha xx

    The Sunday Chapter

  • Julie Pham

    You and I are definitely on the same wavelength, I have been eyeing the dual intensity eyeshadows and the Lorac Pro palette too! I’m battling myself about the Ita brush though it’s 50 in the States and 70-something here at Mecca :(

    • Angie

      Yes the price differences drive me mad! Bring on Sephora I say! :)

  • beautyholicsanonymous

    My parents will be visiting next weekend and with them comes the Lorac Pro palette I got mum to buy for me when she was in the US. I CAN’T WAIT!!! :D

    • Angie

      Ooooohhh exciting!!!! Can’t wait to see what you think!