New In: Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation

Bobbi Brown Weightless Foundation

Ever since I formed an unhealthy addiction to makeup, I’ve been a liquid foundation girl. No powder foundation has yet lured me away from my beloved liquids, as I found the formulas I tried were either drying, clung to dry patches or gave me a dreaded case of cake-face. When I was lucky enough to be gifted a sample of the new Bobbi Brown powder foundation at a blogger event, I was: a) Fighting back the urge to release an excited squeal because I adore Bobbi Brown as a brand and b) Slightly dubious that this product was going to agree with me and my liquid-loving skin. But as I’m ever the curious cat when it comes to new products and there was no way I was relinquishing some perfectly good Bobbi bounty, a bit of roadtesting was required…

Bobbi Brown Skin Weightless Powder Foundation*

My qualms about using a powder foundation were allayed a little when I found this particular powder isn’t really a traditional powder as we know it, but more a liquid and powder hybrid, which gives it more of a ‘creamy’ feel. I received the shade Natural, which is a touch too dark for my current skintone and throws a bit yellow on me, but will more suitable leading into the warmer months as I start to get a few rays on this pasty skin. Housed in a sleek Bobbi-esque compact, this foundation comes with an application sponge and a long mirror.

When I first started using this foundation, I applied it with a light hand, wary of running into any issues with caking and dry patches. I quickly discovered my worries were unwarranted as this particular powder is a complete dream to work with, blending out easily into a matte finish. The coverage for me is on the lighter side, and no matter how many times I go over problem areas, the foundation can’t quite manage to disguise them properly. (You’ll be able to see a blemish above my eyebrow and pigmentation on my chin showing through the foundation.)

Bobbi Brown Weightless Foundation -

However thanks to the lighter coverage, the foundation looks natural and ‘skin-like’ on, and while the finish is very matte, but not drying in anyway – my skin feels beautifully soft. I’ve been trialing this on long days out and about, and I’m pretty pleased to report it lasts the distance, I never became shiny and it looks as good at the end of the day as it did at the start. LOVE. THAT.

I think those with naturally fabulous skin will love this foundation – it’s perfect for those ‘no makeup makeup’ looks when you want everything to look fresh, pretty and matte. For me however, it just doesn’t provide the coverage I need to cover pigmentation and blemishes, and for $68, it’s a pretty expensive as a ‘good skin days only’ option. But when I have those good skin days, this foundation is something I will definitely be reaching for.

If it sounds like it’s right up your alley, the Skin Weightless Powder foundation comes in 20 (20!) shades and is available online or instore at Myer/David Jones.

Are you a powder lover or a liquid gal? Do you think this foundation would suit you? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Sheri

    It does look really natural! I’ve been loving the more natural finishes lately, but it’s hard at the same time when I need more coverage for spots and scarring! I’ve really been into powder foundations too :)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    • Angie

      Exactly, it always seems to be a trade off, either natural looking foundation or full coverage of imperfections… Someone needs to come up with some sort of miracle product that does both! :)

  • Andrea @ Sublime Finds

    Agree with Sheri, super natural look! Also agree that $68 could be too much for good skin days only. Come onnnn American prices! Really pitting a lot on the Sephora price revolution!

    • Angie

      Oh me too! I’m glad that Mecca is making promising moves in the right direction otherwise I have no idea how they’d still be competitive… but I’m so glad pricing for us Aussies is going to become more reasonable, the mark ups for us (especially on Bobbi Brown stuff I find) is ridiculous!!

  • Angela

    20 different shades?! That’s amazing. It looks great on you but I’m not sure if I can justify spending $68 for a light coverage powder foundation! Although if I had more good skin days than not, I’d definitely consider it! Xx

    The Sunday Chapter

    • Angie

      Same! If I had perfect skin it would be on high rotation in my collection for sure! xx

  • Beauty Bee

    I always love the way powder foundations look in compacts but I’ve never used one to be honest (matte finishes are just not for me). I do like that it isn’t super heavy or cakey like compact powders used to be! I’m secretly lusting after the new-ish Nars compact foundation because it’s called ‘Radiant Cream’ and that just seems to be the opposite of what most compact foundations are!

    • Angie

      The NARS does sound promising! I was put off by compact foundations for so long and this is the first one that’s got me interested in them, just need more coverage (without the cakeyness of course!) If you do grab the NARS, would love to hear what you think! x

      • Beauty Bee

        Will do! I’m so tempted even though I love to apply foundation with my finger and mix my foundation with a hydrating serum/illuminiser – and I don’t know if I’d be able to do either with a compact foundation, but I would still love a ‘flawess finish’ looking foundation that still provides some radiance so I may give in :P

  • Daphne Shen

    I’ve been eyeing up this foundation since its release as the idea of a creamy foundation being lightweight and skinlight intrigues me to no end. Plus, Bobbi Brown is an amazing brand that never disappoints! xxx

    Daphne | subgenre of a dream | bloglovin

    • Angie

      It’s definitely worth checking out, once my skin *hopefully* gets over this blemish blip I’ll be happily using it, it does look and feel so nice on the skin x