Makeup Application: What’s your ‘order’?

Makeup order -

After consuming endless Youtube makeup tutorials and beauty blog posts, I’ve come to the realisation that the order we apply our makeup is a unique thing to all of us. Although I know the finished product will be fabulous in the end whether you’re an ‘eyes first’ or ‘base first’ gal, I thought I’d share my routine and get your input on your own. I’m definitely no makeup artist and my routine is made up (geddit?) of a mixed bag of tips and tricks I’ve picked up along the way, so you might read this post and think “oh hell no!“… or you might do something similar!

Eyes: Yep, I’m an ‘eyes first’ gal. I picked this tip up from Napoleon Perdis awhile back (not the man himself obviously) and it’s stuck with me ever since. For me it makes sense – after spending an eon perfecting your base and under-eye concealer, why ruin it with fallout from your eyeshadow? I start with an eye primer (NARS Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base for me), and pop on the (speak of the devil) Napoleon Perdis The One concealer to colour correct my lids and create a base for eyeshadow. I’ll sometimes use the old sticky tape trick to get the edges of my eyeshadow poker straight when I’m applying eyeshadow, but not without de-sticky-ing the tape a little on the back of my hand to avoid peeling off half the skin around my eyes. I’ll do my eyeliner (because I like to get that battle out of the way early) and mascara while I’m here as well.

Under-eye concealer: Once I’ve cleaned up any eyeshadow fallout under my eyes with some Bioderma, I move onto disguising those dark circles. The Smudge Proof Eyeshadow Base makes an appearance again here (a tip gleaned from Wayne Goss to help prevent creasing) and blend in my The One concealer with my MAC 195 brush. I don’t apply foundation under my eyes as I find it creases immediately even with the eyeshadow base on, so I finish with my By Terry Touche Veloutee over the top. Dark circles be gone.

Makeup order -

Skin Primer and Base: Onto my base. Depending on what shape my skin is in, here I’ll either use the Napoleon Perdis Auto Pilot Primer or theBalm Time Balm* to prep. If my skin has been misbehaving, I’ll do some pinpoint concealing with the Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage. Foundation (usually liquid) is applied with a Real Techniques Expert brush followed with a once over with the Buffing brush. I might do a quick contour here with Benefit’s Hoola if the occasion calls for it, and a highlight with whichever product is taking my fancy at that moment (currently it’s Benefit’s Watts Up.)

Brows: After I’ve finished my base I’ll tame my brows, the Anastasia Brow Wiz in Brunette and the Benefit Gimme Brow being my weapons of choice.

Lips: I always use a lip liner under my lippies. I know they have a bit of a stigma attached after their apparent misuse in the 90’s, but I do find they increase the wear of my lippies and the whole look is a lot more polished. I use a mix of MAC liners and and my new faves, the OCC Cosmetic Colour pencils.

Blush: I picked up this tip along the way somewhere (I’m thinking either Lisa Eldridge or Wayne Goss) but the idea is you finish your lips before you apply your blush, so you can tailor the amount of colour in relation to your lips, ie: if you’re a sporting a strong lip, a lighter layer of blush might be a good idea to avoid being mistaken for a clown.

So there you have it, the makeup routine in a nutshell. Do you have an certain ‘order’ to your routine? Let me know in the comments!

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  • KaBOOM! Cosmetics

    I am definitely a base first girl! In my head it makes more sense to do eyes first but I just can’t break my base first habit. Having said that, I’m happy with my routine and as long as we all come out looking great, no one knows which way your makeup went on! Also, I love your lipstick pic :)

    • Angie

      Aw thanks! :) I definitely get into a bit of a habit and just go into auto-pilot mode without thinking too much about it now, but yep totally agree the results are normally as fabulous as each other no matter what order it went on :)

  • Diana P.

    I tend to change my routine from time to time, but at the moment I prefer to begin with primer and foundation, then prime the lids and follow with shadows. When eyes are done, I clean any fall-outs and move on to concealer, contour, blush, highlighter! I set my brows with clear gel and last but not least, the lips! :)

    Diana P. | Cups & Roses

    • Angie

      Sounds like a great little routine!

  • Sheri

    Interesting! I know it’s definitely a constant debate whether concealer goes before foundation or after! I do foundation first, then concealer, then I do blush… then lips! Although it also makes sense to do lips first. I put blush on first because I like to complete my face portion first if that makes sense. Also if I’m in a hurry, I can just finish off the lips in the car, whereas if I left out blush… it would make more of a difference! :)

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    • Angie

      Ah true! Come to think of it, if I’m in a rush I leave lippie out to do on the way to where I’m going as well, although without the liner because that would end up all over my face hehe

  • t w o p l i c a t e s

    I’m totally a base gal, I usually do my foundation, concealer, then powder all over, without worrying about getting powder on my brow hairs/eyelashes. After the face is all done and stuff I go into eye shadow/liner and then I do my brows. I remember there was a stage where I did my brows first but ran out of time to put on my eyeliner, and then it just looked a little weird because I had nothing on my eyes to “balance” it out… not even mascara on :P

    t w o p l i c a t e s

    • Angie

      Ahh I hate running out of time at the end, because I end up running out the door without my blush… which is what happened as I was getting ready for a hens party over the weekend and my face looks decidedly a bit flat in the photos with not much colour happening. At least I’d managed a bit of a highlight in there ha x

  • Andrea @ Sublime Finds

    I’m a base girl, unless it’s a smokey eye, then an eyes girl. I always do my concealer as the last step in my base! I had my makeup done at Napoleon on the weekend and was super interested to see that now they’re starting with mascara (before base!) as an initial coat (another coat later on) and also did the LIP LINER OVER LIPSTICK! I’m not sure that it was an amazing, groundbreaking strategy… but it wasn’t a disaster either! Great article, it’s funny how we all come to do it differently!!

    • Angie

      Ooh I love getting my makeup done at Napoleon, it’s where I go to get all my ‘event’ type of makeup done… I’ve heard of the lip liner over lipstick thing, but if you thought it didn’t make too much of a difference, I probably won’t be incorporating it into my routine anytime soon hehe. I don’t think I could do the one coat of mascara now and then one coat later, I feel like my lashes would clump up instantly! But maybe not, maybe I need to try it :)

  • Alice

    HI Angie!! I love your blog and the pictures! I wanted to know if you knew the color of the second lipstick from the left of the five above. If you do, could you please let me know.
    Thank you doll :-)

    • Angie

      MAC Diva xx