Weekend Fave: NARS Audacious Lipsticks

NARS Audacious Lipstick: themaquillage.com.au

Let’s just get straight to the point: These lipsticks are bleeping awesome. But why, Angie? you may be asking. Why should I drop $44 on another NARS lipstick? Oh dear friend, this isn’t just another lipstick. Let me break down the need-to-knows about the Audacious range.

So, why?

Because SHADE RANGE: 40 glorious, glorious shades to choose from. What takes your fancy? Pinks, corals, oranges, reds, browns, neutrals – pretty much anything your heart could desire (except shades like black or green. I can’t help you there.) All are beautiful/wearable/easily adaptable into your life. A little too easily…

Because PACKAGING: Très chic. The matte black packaging is metallic, not the “rubbery” style, so these babies won’t sport any of the annoying white marks like I have on the rest of my NARS stash. The weighted bottom makes the product feel a bit more luxe, and the pull of the magnetic closure when I put the lid on makes me happy.

NARS Audacious Lipstick: themaquillage.com.au

Because PIGMENTATION: These have got it in spades. They are literally a “swipe on and go”, no fussing around applying layers and layers to make the shade on your lips resemble the shade of the bullet.

Because FORMULA: They’re creamy, they’re long wearing, and they’re comfortable. I’m pretty satisfied with that. They give a subtle sheen (so if you want a flat matte, best to look elsewhere), but the sheen gives a bit of dimension to your lips and just makes them look pretty.

Because NARS: Oops sorry, that’s just me being brainwashed by the brand ethos. As you were, carry on.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Vera. Me likey.

NARS Audacious Lipstick in Vera. Me likey.

The recommendation: Get thee to a Mecca immediately and have a good long swatch session. I’m supremely confident at least one of these lippies will stow away with you.

Have you tried the Audacious range? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

  • http://www.shiwashiful.blogspot.com/ Tasha

    Ugh, Vera looks stunning on you! I seriously can’t wait to have a swatchfest! I’m a bit sad they only brought 29 shades over though (right?), though I’m sure the range is still stunning. I’ve got my eye on Brigitte, though Grace is also stunning! The packaging is to die for.

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Aw thanks! I asked the girl who served me at Mecca and she said all 40 shades will become available, but if you’ve heard only 29, maybe they won’t… I know they are opening a NARS boutique in the new flagship Mecca in Melb, maybe they will stock the full range there? I hope we do get the full 40, not fair that we would miss out! Such beauty FWP’s lol x

      • http://www.shiwashiful.blogspot.com/ Tasha

        I really hope they do! Though on the Mecca website it only says/has 29 shades. Perhaps they will add more later :S

        • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

          Hopefully! I think I’ll ask again next time I’m in there and see what they say… and try to not get tempted by another lippie ha :)

  • http://thesundaychapter.blogspot.com Angela

    Ooh soooo pretty! It suits you so well & that packaging?! Stunning!! You can never go wrong with a Nars lipstick xx

    The Sunday Chapter

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Aw thanks! I completely agree, that’s why they’re so addiction forming hehe xx

  • http://thedailymark.com.au/ Madeleine – The Daily Mark

    Aren’t they gorgeous! I stoked up on colours in the US! Loving Brigitte and Grace! x
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Oooh I’m jelly! I need more people in my life that go on hols to the States so I can put in a shopping list. Or better yet, head over myself! xx

  • http://www.paintpowderandpolish.com/ Carmen Starick

    I fell in love with this range when i saw temptalia’s swatches of them. If I can bring myself to spend that much on a lipstick, it will be Audrey from this collection, and then i’ll probably need about 10 more. Vera looks fabulous too.
    Carmen | Paint Powder and Polish

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Hehe yep once I saw Temptalia had rated the bulk of them an ‘A’, I knew I had to make one mine… she can pretty much talk me into anything though I think x

  • http://www.citronandguavaberry.blogspot.ca/ Vanessa

    NO SHAHPPPPPP. I want one of these, but at $37 in Canada, it’s highway robbery, man. I keep forgetting that I have to swatch these in store, but like, THE PRICE POINT REALLY TURNS ME OFF. (-coughcoughPRrequest-)(jk)

    Vera is gorgeous on you!
    Vanessa | Citron and Guavaberry

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      I know, the pricey-ness is a bit sickening, but I am PROMISING myself that this one will be getting used on a regular basis to make it worth the $$$. (Let’s see how long that lasts before the next amazing lipstick comes out ha)

  • Jacquelyn Cox

    I AM DYINNNNG TO TRY THESE OUT. I’m restricting my purchases, but dang, I really need one in my life!

    Jacquelyn xx | heytherejacquelyn

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Definitely worth it if you do!! xx

  • http://ivoryavenue.com/ Natalie Heather

    I reaaaaaaally want to get the shade ‘Natalie’ (for obvious reasons) but I’m just not a fan of the price. I’m sure I’ll take the plunge eventually!

    Ivory Avenue

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      I was a bit wary of the price at first…. until I got up close and personal with them and couldn’t walk away from this one ha. It sucked me right in! x