Antipodes Mineral Lipsticks

Given my addiction to all things Antipodes skincare, and my addiction to all things lipstick, the combination of the two was always going to be greeted with a very grown-up squeeee from me. Without further ado…

Antipodes Mineral Lipsticks*Antipodes Mineral Lipsticks:

The collection is made up of six shades with something to suit everyone, whether you prefer bold pinks and reds, or softer roses and neutrals.

But where to start? Maybe my favourite shade from the six, Hit Me With Your Best Shot. As someone who normally gravitates towards softer end of the pink spectrum (let’s just say I don’t have any Candy Yum Yums’ in my stash), this is the first bright, matte hot pink that I’ve felt completely comfortable in wearing. Huzzah. And it is such fun to wear.

Next on the list of faves is Remarkably Red. This lippie is not really red at all, but a flattering deep rose which I’m currently sporting on a daily basis and is pairing up with my Naked 3 palette beautifully.

Antipodes Mineral Lipsticks:

L to R: Hungry Like the Wolf, April Sun in Cuba, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Dusky Sound Pink, Boom Rock Bronze and Remarkably Red

Boom Rock Bronze is for lovers of warm, brown-toned lippies. I’m not actually one of these people, but I could be converted by this particular shade given that it comes up with a lovely bronzy sheen.

A stand-out shade from this collection is Hungry Like the Wolf, which a) I love the name of, b) Now I can’t get that song out of my head, and c) I love this lip colour. A rich, uber-pigmented blood red show-stopper.

Antipodes Mineral Lipsticks:

L to R: Hungry Like the Wolf, April Sun in Cuba, Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Dusky Sound Pink, Boom Rock Bronze and Remarkably Red

April Sun in Cuba is next, an orangey-red which appears more like a coral tint upon first swipe, but is easily buildable into a bolder colour. I actually love the more sheeny, tint-like look, and I can see myself reaching for this on a regular basis during spring/summer.

Dusky Sound Pink is pretty pretty pretty. It’s my go-to ‘my lips but better’ shade in this range; very soft, very natural and a great match for anyone who loves an easy-to wear, everyday lip colour.

Antipodes Swatches

L to R: Hit Me With Your Best Shot, April Sun in Cuba, Hungry Like the Wolf

Antipodes Swatches

L to R: Dusky Sound Pink, Boom Rock Bronze, Remarkably Red

The Round Up
In line with the Antipodes ethos, these lippies are formulated to be 99% natural (the remainder being the colour pigments). With avocado oil at play in the ingredients, I noticed my pout really does stay moisturised during the day. The bolder shades do leave some staining, which for me extends the colour longevity on the lips. The packaging is sleek and compact, and the exterior is quite reminiscent of the NARS look and feel. 

What I loved: Discovering a hot pink shade (Hit Me With Your Best Shot) that suits me, while being easy and comfortable to wear, has been a revelation. The 5 grams of product you get with these compared to the usual 4-ish from other brands means I’ll get a bit longer out of them as well.

What I didn’t: The only niggle I noticed with these lippies is they tend to transfer, but I quickly found a solution to that by having a bit of a blot after I applied.

If you’re keen to give them a whirl, Antipodes’ full makeup range is available on their website, and these lippies retail for $31.00 AUD.

Have you tried the Antipodes makeup range? What did you think? Or are you planning to give it a go? Let me know in the comments!

  • Antipodes Scientific Organic B

    Nice review, love the images. Thanks for sharing the love.

  • Angela

    Since when did Antipodes have a lipstick range?! They’re all soo pretty & just in time for Spring! I love all the names too, how creative. I think my favourite is April Sun in Cuba or Dusky Pink! x

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

    • Angie

      The names are cute aren’t they! They really are such pretty shades, perfect for the warmer months x

  • Tasha

    Not too shabs I must say. The shades are really pretty – I’m especially lovin the orangey one and Dusky sound pink! The formula sounds lovely and I Antipodes’ natural ethos is awesome. I typically find most moisturising slight glossy-ish lipsticks transfer so I don’t think that would be an issue for me!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • Angie

      The formula really is lovely, I’m a big fan of a moisturizing lippie that actually stays put…

  • Natalie Heather

    Ouuhhhh, they are pretty, but I’m not sure if I would pay the price for them.

    Ivory Avenue

  • Beauty Bee

    Love your swatches! And the fact that you have all of them! I would like Hit Me With Your Best Shot, Hungry Like the Wolf and Remarkably Red :)

    Can you believe that I have the Naked 3 palette and I’ve NEVER used it :S That’s pretty bad isn’t it…

    • Angie

      I almost don’t blame you for not using your Naked 3 palette, it’s too pretty to use. Works well just as a vanity ornament I think hehe :)