10 Makeup Tips For My Younger Self

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A few pearls of wisdom that young makeup-enthusiast Angie could have done with…

1. Quit it with the light blue eyeshadow. Just quit it.

2. There are a variety of eyeliner shades other than “carbon black”, “matte black” and “ultra black”.


4. Lip exfoliation. Jump on that bandwagon now.

5. Lip gloss isn’t for everyone, especially for those with long hair on a windy day. Come to terms with it and move on.


Be gone with you blue eyeshadow.

6. Pinpoint concealing is your best friend. What you want to avoid is concealing your entire face.

7. I don’t care what anyone says, “spidery” lashes are not attractive. Cease and desist.

8. Subtle contouring is a perfected art and NARS Laguna doesn’t necessarily suit all skin tones.

9. Save yourself years of frustration and aim that eyeliner flick up, not out.

10. Remove your makeup properly at the end of the night. Those eye infections as a result of mascara + contact lenses + sleep are extremely unpretty. Not to mention painful.

 What would you tell your younger self about makeup? Let me know in the comments!


  • http://www.paintpowderandpolish.com/ Carmen Starick

    lol, i love it, i would have told younger me:
    for gods sake moisturise!
    Put down the tweezers!
    And leave those spots alone!
    Carmen | Paint Powder and Polish

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Yep, with you on all three points, especially the tweezers. Gah. :)

  • http://www.yourstrulyny.blogspot.com Natalie Y

    I could have some of these tips for my younger self too haha. This was fun to read :)


    Truly, NY

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Young Angie just needed to be told hehe :) x

  • www.blonderful.com

    What a great article! Love the humour and content

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Thanks lovely! x

  • http://www.memybestandi.com/ Memybestandi

    No 10 LOL – young me was guilty of a few drunken counts of that! Love this post! Also orange aint sexy lady, neither are sperm brows, sexy smokey eye is actually dirty sooty eye.. I could go on!

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Bahahaha sperm brows!! Haven’t heard it described like that but I know exactly what you mean! I’ll never look at them the same way hehehe x

  • http://www.hanhabelle.com/ Hanh

    haha blue eye shadow, why did I used to think that was a good look?!

    Hanh x | hanhabelle

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Same, not sure how I ever thought it was a good idea! x

  • http://kaboomcosmetics.blogspot.com.au KaBOOM! Cosmetics

    Oh man, how I wish I could go back in time and change some of those things! I was definitely guilty of the blue eyeshadow and waaaaay too much black eyeliner. And also, the correct way to apply eyeliner is not just all around your eyes in heavy circles! But then, we didn’t have YouTube so how were we to know any better?

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Hehehe exactly! :)

  • http://ivoryavenue.com/ Natalie Heather

    Haha, love this! I wish I could tell my younger self all these things. Also, don’t start wearing foundation unless you really need it. My skin is not so happy with me now…

    Ivory Avenue

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Hehe, yep there are definitely photos I look back on now where my skin looked fine but I’ve slathered up in foundation anyway just for the sake of it… :S

  • http://www.citronandguavaberry.blogspot.ca/ Vanessa

    IDK MAN, YOU ARE TOTALLY PULLING OFF THAT BLUE EYESHADOW. One makeup regret I really have is slathering foundation all over my face just to cover up a few blemishes. HELLO CAKE FACE. I didn’t even know about concealer back then. Or setting powder. It was all just foundation. ;-;

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Ah yep I was definitely guilty of a bit of cake face, which just seemed to magnify my spots even more. It’s like I went through a stage of applying my makeup with the lights off hehe :)

  • http://silverscreenbeautyqueens.tumblr.com/ Cathy Bouris

    Hahahh I love these so much, fantastic tips :P I just went through some older photos and found ridiculous looks I’d done when I was like, 15, with solid gold eyeshadow applied to my entire lid all the way up to my eyebrows. I remember being so proud of myself for that – good job applying one eyeshadow colour absolutely everywhere, teenage Cathy, it’s totally an art. Ahem.

    Silver Screen Beauty Queens

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Oooh I have a few of those types of pics as well, featuring some highly attractive bright gold pigments from Napoleon that I thought was the best thing ever… looking back on the pics now, not so much :)