The Hair Staples

Not literally small stabby bits of metal in my hair of course. I’m talking the haircare and styling prodz and tools I turn to on a regular basis to get my mane looking a little less “pillow-imprint-on-back-of-head” bedhead (no sexy, artfully disheveled bedheads ’round here) and a little more “This gal actually puts five minutes of effort into her hair, she must totally have her life together”. Lies. So! Let’s get started.

Hair Staples:

Eleven I Want Body Volume Foam
I briefly mentioned this one in my September Favourites for making me feel all ‘big hair don’t care’, and it’s still working its volumising wonders (of course, since I’m actually using it). After each wash, I massage a pump of foam into into my scalp and mid-lengths, and then tip my head upside down and aim the hairdryer into my roots until my hair is dry or until I feel dizzy, whichever comes first. For my efforts I am rewarded with va-voomed, easily style-able hair which has a bit of airiness and texture.

Bumble and bumble Surf Spray
No crunchy, sticky hair with this salt spray, no siree. b&b have bottled the magic formula of beachy-ness and texture for some kick-ass body in the midlengths and ends. I spray this onto my hands and work through with my fingers so I can scrunch my hair as I go to (hopefully) channel my inner ‘Yonce and create some “I woke up like this” natural waves.

Batiste Dry Shampoo XXL Volume
So by now you will be clued up that I luurve big hair (it seems I should have been born in the 60’s), but you should know that I’m also mildly to moderately lazy, so the combination of not having to wash my hair for another day while being able to disguise that fact with a fairly acceptable hairstyle seems to have been designed with peeps like myself especially in mind. How excellent.

Hair Staples:

The Wet Brush
The clear victor in the Beauty Battle against the lesser (in my opinion) opponent the Tangle Teezer, I still rely on it to make mince meat of otherwise impenetrable knots and tangley wet hair. If you haven’t given it a whirl yet and you weren’t impressed with the Teezer, I would recommend you do as soon humanly possible. I’ve filed it in the “life changing” category.

ghd Hair Straightener
Ah, my old friend. You’ve kept me in polished, sleek locks since…. whenever it first became all the rage to have polished, sleek locks. Ages, really. Then you really showed off your range and gave me loose waves or curls whenever I desired it. And you just keep on doing your dependable thang. I wrote a little ballad dedicated to you, wanna hear it? “You’re still the one I run to, the one that I belong tooo…” What do you mean I’ve just ripped off a Shania Twain classic? I would never…

What are your hair styling staples? Let me know in the comments!

  • Angela

    I’ve got to try that Bumble & bumble surf spray. I’d given up with salt sprays because they made my hair like straw haha but this one sounds promising! x

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

    • Angie

      It really is amazing, I’ve tried my fair share (and wasted a lot of money) on salt sprays and this one blows them all out of the water! x


    Mine is Hair straightener or curler. I’d probably try dry shampoo as well :D


    • Angie

      I don’t think I could live without dry shampoo! x