The Dupe Diaries: Brow Wiz VS Brow Define

If you’re following along at home, you’ll know my deep love for the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz has been touted far and wide around this little corner of the internet. Ever since I first dropped it into my e-bag during a Cult Beauty shopathon, nothing else has graced my brows since (other than a little bit of Benefit’s Gimme Brow). And now that Brow Wiz become more accessible in Australia (thank you Lipstick Republic), it’s been even easier to keep a Brow Wiz lurking in my stash. But when Eye of Horus recently released their own brow-beautifier, of course I had to have a nosey…

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz $38 VS Eye of Horus Brow Define* $25

Both Brow Wiz and Brow Define are designed with a spoolie on one end and a mechanical pencil on the other. The pointed, hard nibs of the mechanical pencils are designed so you can create the appearance of thicker brows and fill in any gaps with natural looking, hair-like strokes. The spoolies are small and stiff, allowing you to precisely shape your brow and comb through any harsh or obvious pencil strokes.

There are currently nine shades in the ABH Brow Wiz range, and I find Brunette to be ideal match for my hair colour and skintone. EOH have launched their Brow Define range with three shades, Dark, Medium and Blonde, and I thought I’d compare Dark with Brunette by popping them on an eyebrow each.


Left: EOH Brow Define in Dark / Right: ABH Brow Wiz in Brunette

Dark is warmer in tone compared to Brunette, and the shade is slightly lighter, which meant I didn’t get quite the illusion of thickness with Dark that I was hoping to achieve. The spoolies on each product are almost identical – the Brow Wiz’s maybe just that touch stiffer, which allows me to quickly and easily shape my brow just how I want it.

The verdict: So will I convert to Brow Define? At $13 a pop less than Brow Wiz, it is tempting from a “more money to spend on lipstick” point of view, and overall, Brow Define is definitely worthy of dupe status. But given the limited shade range of Brow Define currently on offer compared to Brow Wiz, I just don’t feel like the shade Dark is as good a match for me as Brunette. If EOH expands the shade range in future, you can bet I’ll be onboard. So Brow Wiz, you’ve retained your holy grail status for another day yet. Don’t get too big a head now.

If you’re keen to give either these a whirl, Brow Define ($25) is available on Eye of Horus’ website (there’s a full list of in-store stockists there too), and Brow Wiz ($38) is available at Lipstick Republic.

Have you tried either Brow Wiz or Brow Define? Let me know your favourite brow products in the comments!

  • Ash ~Oz Product Junkie~

    Great review. I’ve got my first Brow Wiz coming in the mail. So excited =)

    • Angie

      Yay!! Can’t wait to see what you think :) xx

      • Ash ~Oz Product Junkie~

        I’m LOVING the brow wiz! How did I ever live without it?!

        • Angie

          Ahhh another convert, glad to hear it!! :)

  • Angela

    I need to really order a brow wiz! It sounds fab. I’ve been tossing up between that & their dipbrow pomade x

    Angela | The Sunday Chapter

    • Angie

      I’ve been eyeing off the dipbrow pomade for ages, it might have to be my next foray into ABH… I’ve heard so many good things about it! x

  • Jasmine Huston

    Great review! I really want to try Brow Wiz now haha xx

    • Angie

      Thanks! Do, you won’t regret it! :) xx

  • Sophie

    This is good to know! I recently bought Brow Wiz from Sephora in Sydney but I’m all about affordable alternatives! :) xx