2014 Makeup Favourites

Happy Holidays peeps!

Okay, so I didn’t want to start this post with the typical “Where did this year go?”, but, ummm, Where did this year go?? Talk about whizzing by at warp speed. It’s been a pretty fabulous year though, beginning with an exciting move from Brisbane to Melbourne (here’s a hot tip, QLD: daylight saving ROCKS), and of course, starting my own little beauty-obsessed corner of the internet. Given it’s the season to be thankful, can I just say I’m very VERY thankful for every one of you who drops by to read and leave me a comment, it’s been a total pleasure e-meeting all of you and chatting about our common love for all things beauty, and I’m looking forward to much much more of it in 2015!

But, back to the year the was 2014… there were A LOT of new makeup products and brands that blew me away, and a few old, previously neglected favourites that made a reappearance on the scene…


Primer: Hourglass Veil Mineral Primer
Full review here. If you haven’t yet tried this primer, please don’t put it off for as long as I did or you’ll be kicking yourself that you didn’t purchase it much MUCH sooner. Like I did.

Concealer: NARS Creamy Concealer
Full review here. Finally, the search for a do-all concealer came to an end this year, sneaking in just before the end of 2014. I’m a minimum fuss kinda gal, so finding a concealer that can blitz my dark circles while also being able to conceal the acne pigmentation that I do daily battles with has been a massive relief.

Foundation: Rimmel Match Perfection
Full review here. I was sure it would never be possible for another foundation to surpass my love for By Terry’s Cover Expert, but I think it’s happened. In a nutshell: An excellent value for money, everyday base that looks seamless and natural while still providing the required coverage.

Blush/Highlight: theBalm Cindy-Lou Manizer
Full review here. I know when I’ve fallen properly in love with something when I (in this case) smash a product, and then run out immediately to buy a replacement. I just won’t take it with me on holidays next time.

Highlighter: MAC Soft and Gentle
Before I discovered the highlighting powerhouse that is Mary-Lou Manizer, Soft and Gentle was working as my go to highlighter for the bulk of the year. And I still completely love it, the soft pinky peach tones and subtle glow are as gorgeous as ever.

BronzeBenefit Hoola
The ol’ tried and true fave. I will eventually try something else of the bronzing variety one day (perhaps the famed NARS Laguna), but until I finish this lil box o’powder, Hoola is still where it’s at.

Pressed Powder: Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Luminous Light
Hourglass have really impressed me this year – the Veil Mineral Primer, Ambient Lighting Blush and Opaque Rouge lipsticks are all firm favourites in my stash, and the Ambient Lighting powder rounds out a pretty amazing bunch of products. There’s some wonderful magic in this powder that has the ability to make me look glowing and flawless on even my most dire bad skin days.

secondEyeshadow: NARS And God Created the Woman palette
This is the workhorse of my palette stash – whether it be a soft, easy everyday look I’m going for, or a more smokey, dramatic evening look, I know I can depend on this palette to cover all my bases. The compact packaging makes it super easy to travel with, and every one of the six shades are beautiful (and the darker shades can be doubled up as eyeliners), while being all buttery and easily blendable.

Mascara: Eye of Horus mascara
Full review here. The NUDESTIX mascara was a very close second here, but my year was largely spent in awe of the EOH mascara and its lengthening and curling powers.

Brows: Anastasia Brow Wiz
Full review here. Yep, still in love with this brow beautifier and will be for the foreseeable future, but I’m very keen to delve further into the Anastasia BH range next year, and I’ve got my eyes set on the Dipbrow Pomade.

Eyeliner: Benefit They’re Real! Push Up Liner
I feel like this was the big ‘love it or hate it’ product of the year. After I finally caved into the hype and then had a brief moment of hating it, a little more practice brought me around. I can now create a smooth matte black line and an ‘as good as it gets for me’ flick in no time flat. I also haven’t suffered any of the reported smudging or flaking, so I’m pretty all round happy with this purchase.

Lip Liner: MAC Boldly Bare
By now you’ll know I’m the leader of the lip liner brigade, and the shade Boldly Bare is an awesome pick to start with if you’re delving into the lip liner world. It’s a nude peachy beige shade which I use mostly as a stand-alone lip colour with a gloss over the top for quick and easy daytime looks, or paired with a nude lippie and smokey eyes in the evening.

Gloss: NYX Butter Gloss in Tiramasu
Full review here:  Who would have thought after starting this year as a strictly anti-gloss girl, I would finish out 2014 claiming a gloss to be one of my fave lip products? I don’t even recognise myself.  Tiramasu also passed the “Would I replace it?” test when it went missing a trip to Brisbane (note to self: stop taking your fave products on trips!) and I quickly scrambled to get another. Then – of course – multiple Targets conspired to not have them in stock. It’s all okay now, I tracked it down and I’ve been reunited with the delicious scent and perfect tinge of caramel colour.

Lipstick: Hourglass Opaque Rouge in Raven
During the year, whenever I’ve had the call for a stay-put, bold red lip, this is what I’ve turned to without a second thought. The formula is incredible – completely non-drying, uber pigmented and it remains perfectly in place for hours upon hours no matter what passes your lips, and the shade Raven is an intense orange-based red which earns itself compliments every time I wear it.

What were your makeup faves this year? Let me know in the comments!

  • http://kaboomcosmetics.blogspot.com.au/ Dani – KaBOOM! Cosmetics

    Some excellent picks there, you’re making really want to buy that Nars eyeshadow palette. I just finished writing my top products of 2014 post today, it was so tough choosing!

    Dani | KaBOOM! Cosmetics

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Hehe it is tough to choose isn’t it! Can’t wait to see your faves!! xx

  • http://www.shiwashiful.blogspot.com/ Tasha

    My sister moved down to Melbourne this year as well, I always forget that she’s one hour ahead with daylight savings, haha! Amazing picks though, the Rimmel foundation sounds seriously good to have made it to your yearly faves! I seriously need to get my hands on the Brow Wiz pencil, it seems to be the queen of brow pencils! And woot to being converted gloss wise! The Butter glosses will do that to a gal ;)

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Yep I often forget QLD is behind, so if I try to call someone up there first thing in the morning, it’s still practically in the middle of the night for them and they are none too happy hehe… And thank you for the Butter Gloss suggestion way back when! Can’t live without them now! :)

  • Kathryn

    I love anything Nars or Hourglass! Great post Angie, I love seeing other people’s makeup choices. And yes, this year has just flown past – scary! Kathryn x

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Hourglass have impressed me so much this year, can’t wait to see their releases in the new year! Thank you for reading! :) xx

  • Jasmine Huston

    Fantastic picks! I’ve got my favourites going up in the new year!

    There’s a fair few things I haven’t tried up there, so I might have to make the effort to give them a go in the new year! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Oooh I’ll keep an eye out for your faves! xx

  • http://www.missmakeupmagpie.com/ Miss Makeup Magpie

    I’m dying to get my hands on the NARS palette.. it looks beautiful xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      It really is gorgeous, and so so versatile xx

  • Emily Leung

    Hmm, I must give the Rimmel Match Perfection a go then!

    Emily // ahemitsemme.blogspot.com

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Definitely do, it’s brilliant! :)

  • http://www.lapetiteprimp.com La Petite Primp

    Wow, I love your blog! (And this post – what a good way to find out what your favorites are as a new reader!) You’ve just reminded me that I really need to pull out my And God Created The Woman palette… I keep wanting to buy a new palette, but this is more gorgeous than all the ones I’ve been eyeing up. And it lives in my drawer.
    XO Camey

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Thank you!! I’m very glad I found your blog through Divya’s Blog Discoveries post, I can tell I’m going to enjoy following along with La Petite Primp :) I did the same thing with the NARS palette as well, bought it and then left it gathering dust for 6 months, then rediscovered it and haven’t put it down since, it’s perfect for pretty much any occasion xx

  • http://thecosmeticcritic.blogspot.ca/ Ling | The Cosmetic Critic ♥

    I really like the Rimmel foundation too! I need to repurchase it since my bottle is expired :/ Perhaps I need to try another butter lip gloss? I dislike the one that I own since it’s quite streaky and a bit too thick for me. Not sure if I’ll buy another one.

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Hmm I find the butter glosses do sit on the thicker side but not streaky, might be worth trying another! :)

  • http://www.citronandguavaberry.blogspot.ca/ Vanessa

    Ayyy, Happy New Year! Sidenote: I really didn’t know how big Australia was until a friend announced that she was moving from Brisbane to Sydney and I googled how long that was and IT’S A 10 HOUR DRIVE, SERIOUSLY????????? That really blew my mind, tbh.(But then again, Canada is larger, so)
    Didn’t care for the Hourglass primer, but that pressed powder sounds amazing!

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      Hehehe yep it’s a long trip, and Brisbane to Melbourne is twice as long, but not so bad when you can take your time and visit a few (lots) of places on the coast along the way! (I may have stretched what should have been a 24 hour trip out to 3 weeks. Oops)

  • http://www.sublimefinds.com.au/ Andrea @ Sublime Finds

    Lots of great stuff in this post!! I’ve heard two ‘I LOVE IT’ reports on Hourglass now, I have to suss it out! Also feel like I need to revisit the ‘They’re Real’ liner – I didn’t ever get through the this-is-too-hard stage. This year I fell head over heels for a Napoleon cream blush that I had a sample of, only to discover it was discontinued! And gaga for They’re Real Mascara, Kat Von D’s tattoo liner (amaze!) and MACs finishing powders, which I think rock!

    • http://www.themaquillage.com.au/ Angie

      I’ve heard so many good things about the Tattoo liner, I really need to try! I’m going to have to do a trip up to Sydney soon for a Sephora haul (or they need to open one in Melbourne stat!) After I’d resisted the They’re Real! liner hype for so long and then gave into it, I was determined to make it work. Now it’s super easy and it looks like I’m actually good at doing cat eye flicks haha :)

  • Marj B.

    NARS Semi-Matte Lipstick in Jungle Red: The HG of Red Lipsticks for me! :)