Top Picks: Australis

Top Picks: Australis - Picks: Australis - don’t know about you, but I get pretty excited when I find a cosmetic brand that offers a range of products that can rival high end brands in terms of quality and performance, but are sold at a gloriously low, very non-high end price points. Australis have been on the scene for a LONG time (they’re a whole 25 years young), and while I have hazy memories of young budding beauty addict me having a play with a few of their wares way back in the day (it probably would have been something glittery and very badly applied, knowing young me), it’s only just recently the I’ve rediscovered Australis and dived headfirst into the range. I thought I’d share with you my current faves from the range…

Fresh and Flawless Powder in Natural, $11.95*
This excellent powder does exactly what it says on the tin. It’s a very mattifying powder (perfect for combo skins like mine) and with a few dabs it achieves an even, flawless (funny that) complexion. You can see it in action in this post. F&F is getting a LOT of use lately, especially on days when I want to guarantee my makeup lasts all day long. The compact comes with it’s own sponge and mirror so perfect for taking out and about.

IntensifEYE Wet or Dry Eyeshadow Quad in Choc-A-Block, $13.95
This is such a handy little “smokey eye in a snap” palette. The lightest shade is a beautiful champagne shade that I’ve been using to highlight the inner corners of my eye, and I double it up as a brow bone highlight. The two middle shades are my favourites from the the palette – a gorgeous light brown and a rich chocolate brown, both sporting a subtle gold shimmer. I use the darkest shade on a wet angle brush as an eyeliner. And voila! Easy smokey eye achieved.

Australis IntensifEYE swatches

Australis IntensifEYE Eyeshadow Quad in Choc-A-Block

Velourlips Matte Lip Creams, $9.95
You might have noticed Hon-O-Loo-Loo popping up in Monday’s Best of the (almost) Nudes post, but along with this one I also have Lun-Dun and Mi-A-Mee making up my trio of Velourlips. I have posted a full ode to these babies here, but the need-to-knows are they have kick-ass pigmentation, a comfortable feel on the lips and they last and last and last.

Full On Foundation Stick, $12.95
I touched on this foundation in my “Bad Skin Day” Edit post, and it’s still top of the pops when I find an angry looking complexion staring back at me in the mirror. It’s a full coverage foundation, but don’t let the somewhat heavy texture of the cream scare you – it blends out to a lovely soft finish which makes your bad skin day history.

AC ON TOUR Palette, $16.95*
We couldn’t talk about Australis without mentioning one of their recent cult releases, a complete contouring and highlighting kit. I’ve really been enjoying using one go-to palette for shaping my face rather than the three or four separate products I would usually reach for. The top middle banana powder teamed with my NARS Creamy Concealer makes me permanently look well rested, the highlight shade is a lovely subtle champagne shimmer, and I’ve been using a mix of the dark shades to provide a natural-looking contour. An excellent addition to any makeup maven’s stash.

Australis AC ON TOUR Swatches -

Australis AC ON TOUR palette swatches


Are you an Australis fan? What are your picks from the range? Let me know in the comments!

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  • Sheri

    Yesss, the fresh and flawless powder is my fave Australis product hands down! I haven’t actually tried much else from them.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    • Angie

      I’d heard so much about the powder, but I was so infatuated with my Hourglass palette that I didn’t pay the glowing reports much attention… until I finally tried it! And now my poor Hourglass powder is feeling very neglected hehe :)

  • Catherine Macarounas

    Ah! Amazing post as always but your photos are just so on point I’m incredibly impressed :) Australis is definitely one of my fave drug store brands but I”m probably the only person in the world that does not like the fresh & flawless powder.

    • Angie

      Thanks! :) Has it been causing breakouts, I’ve heard of a few people having an issue with that?

  • TriedandTestedBlogger

    I’m still on the hunt for the AC On Tour palette! Every time I head into store, it’s always out of stock, even now! Hopefully I’ll be able to track one down soon.

    • Angie

      It sounds like it’s definitely been scarce, although every time I hear of them being in plentiful stock, it’s always in Brisbane, lucky for them! :)

  • Beauty Bee

    Wow – could the AC On Tour palette be a dupe for Anastasia’s Contour palette? I’m impressed! :D

    I haven’t actually tried any Australis products in the last couple of years. The stands at my local Pricelines are just pathetic. They do have an online shop though so maybe I will have to do some more thourough browsing there! Australis reminds me of the 90s – and gives me warm fuzzy feeling hehe

  • Angelique. –

    I picked up the contour palette a couple of weeks ago, haven’t looked back. I can’t believe how beautiful the shades and powders are. So gorgeous!

    Ang. Eros Writes.

  • Jasmine Huston

    I adore Australis… everything you picked is a winner in my books too! xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty