The Beauty Tools I Can’t Live Without

The Beauty Tools
Lets face it – performing those general beauty odds and ends can be bone-crushingly tedious at best. Plucking eyebrows, filing my nails and sharpening my lip pencils will never make the top 10 list of ‘Things Angie Loves Doing’. But with a small stash of beauty tools on hand to make the jobs that much quicker and easier, I can get back to the things I do love doing, like binge watching The Hills with a packet of Mint Slice figuring out world peace and planning my world domination.

Sharp cosmetic pencils are scientifically proven* to make your life 100% easier and your makeup look 200% better.
I use a dual-size sharpener to keep the depressing amount of things that constantly need sharpening, well, you know, sharp. The catcher means I’m not chasing those hell annoying shavings around the bathroom, while they leave their colourful calling card all over my white vanity.

Tweezers that actually tweeze are the holy grail and you should never let them out of your sight.
I have a set of tweezers that are not of any particular brand name, are about 5 years old and I have no idea where I got them from – but they are SO GOOD at their job that I think I will lose my reason if I ever misplaced them. Yep, it’s that serious. I know the pain of unworthy tweezers all too well – specifically that pain of when they drag along the hair rather than pulling it out, or when you attempt to grab a hair multiple times and the tweezers refuse to acknowledge the hair’s existence. Tweezers like that do not deserve to live and need to be filed in the bin immediately.

Yes, I CAN apply false eyelashes without poking an eye out – and they will even stay on. What is this black magic. 
Proven fact #2 – I am beyond useless at applying false eyelashes. No really, if you think you’re bad, multiply that by infinity, and you might be close to imagining my non-talent at applying falsies. As a contact lens wearer I have no fear of strange objects near my eyeballs, but for the life of me I cannot get those infuriatingly fiddly things to stay glued down on both sides. Things got slightly easier when I employed the use of a Kit false eyelash applicator, and the eyelash glue to end all eyelash glues, the Duo adhesive. We’re still not at expert level eyelash application but things aren’t as dire as before.

When my hand slips while doing my eyeliner/lipliner/whatever, it’s not automatically the end of the world – PHEW
I am actually certain that I will never do my makeup again with a few pointed cotton tips in reaching distance. The struggle of blotches of mascara all over my just-applied under eye concealer is REAL (because for some reason my idiotic nose lives and dies by this simple principle: fresh coating of mascara = perfect time to have a sneezing fit). The pointed tips are far superior over their rounded tip brothers and sisters, and their many talents include cleaning up the edges of lipstick when you’ve drawn outside the lines, straightening up that almost-perfect flick and smudging smudgy eyeliner. What they are not so adept at is cleaning your ears, as you will almost certainly poke your brain.

The Beauty Tools

I can make my face look Photoshopped without Photoshopping my face. 
True story. The Chapman sisters have sprinkled fairy dust on pretty much every makeup applicator they’ve unleashed on the world, and their Miracle Complexion sponge is no exception. My foundation brushes are actually gathering dust while I bask in the exception blending skills of this sponge, and while it’s a pain and a half to have to clean it after each use, I’m willing to go that extra mile – which says a lot about how much I love it, because Lazy is actually my middle name. Well, it’s Leigh, but close enough.

I too can achieve eyelashes that would put a supermodel’s to shame. 
More eyelash problems – mine are immune to the powers of a traditional eyelash curler. I could crimp to my heart’s content until the end of time but they’ll still be straight as the moment I started. I first tried Modelco’s Turbo Lash Wand way back in the day when I think it was first released, and loved it – my lashes were firmly put in their place and obediently produced a curl. I’ve recently been introduced to it again (why I stopped using it is beyond me) and the magic is still there. Fluttery eyelashes, come at me.

I don’t need to spend $40 and waste an hour in a salon to have nice nails. 
Ahh, those halcyon days of when I was a gel nail wearer. Yes, I had picture perfect nails around the clock, but the thought of the amount of time and money much I spent on a refill every month for two years frightens me… Okay, let’s figure this out. $45 refill x 24 visits equals… $1080. And then for maybe half those visits I also got a pedicure (because YOLO), so an extra $40 x 12… $480. So $1560 all up. Oh. Anyhoo, now that I’ve stopped whiling away over a thousand dollars ON MY NAILS, I’m making use of a Manicare nail file/buffer/polisher cube thing, which is almost the same as a professional manicure, amiright? (Just smile and nod). And now that we’ve been blessed with gel-like polishes like Sally Hansen’s, (although I’m about as good as applying nail polish as I am applying false eyelashes), I can divert those saved funds into more important things like makeup food and rent. Now excuse me while I go reexamine my life and priorities.

What are the beauty tools you can’t live without? Let me know in the comments!

*May not be scientifically proven. But it sounds about right.

  • Ling | The Cosmetic Critic ♥

    Yesssss tweezers are a must for me. I have a mini pair of tweezermans and they have served me well over the years that I’ve had them.

    Ling | The Cosmetic Critic ❤️

    • Angie

      I’ve heard such great things about Tweezerman, if god forbid I ever lose my current set, they’re definitely going to be the first I check out! x

  • Kat Ness

    I definitely need some false lash application helpers! I sharpener and tweezers are a must for me!

    xx Kat @ Katness

    • Angie

      The applicators have helped so much, but it’s easy to improve on my completely useless non-skills hehe x

  • Carmen Starick

    I agree about the sponge, i love mine though i hate washing the things.
    My other half “borrowed” my tweezers to pull a splinter and then promptly misplaced them. i almost killed him, they are the perfect tweezers, thankfully they turned up about 3 days later, but i swear i almost cried :-)
    Carmen | Paint Powder and Polish

    • Angie

      Oh my god I would freak out. I actually don’t let anyone touch mine – if anyone says they want to borrow them, I watch them like a hawk until the tweezers are restored to their rightful place. Guys just don’t fully appreciate the importance of decent tweezers! :)

  • TriedandTestedBlogger

    How good are those doubled ended Swisspers cotton tips! When I discovered them, they basically became the ultimate find of that year. They make cleaning up any under eye mascara smudges so easy!

    • Angie

      They are so so good!! And the really annoying thing is I can’t seem to find a Coles or Woolies that sells them, so I can’t just easily pick them up while grocery shopping, I have to traipse 20 mins away to my nearest Priceline to stock up. Think I will petition the supermarkets to start selling them hehe :)

  • Tasha

    A turbo lash wand?! Sounds intense! Haha, perhaps I should give it a go cos my eyelashes bloody suck at doing anything. And ahahaaaa I loled and agreed at your “tweezers refuse to acknowledge hairs’ existence” statement. And can you believe I only just bought a proper sharpener with two holes?!? WHAT IS THIS? Clearly I don’t wear eyeliner/lip liner that often haha, that and I’ve switched between a few!

    Tasha // shiwashiful.

    • Angie

      Hehe it is quite intense, I can feel the heat from it radiating into and possibly cooking my eyeball but it’s worth it for curly lashes lol. Useless tweezers do my head in completely, my mum seems to have a large selection of utterly pointless tweezers, and whenever I stay there and try to use them I’m reminded of how much I detest pointless tweezers. But I’m afraid to remove my set from my bathroom for fear of losing them, I can’t win! :)

  • Martha

    You have some great picks here! I agree that great tweezers are a must. And great cotton buds change your whole eye makeup game :)

    • Angie

      They really do! And now I’ve just run out, I need to go stock up immediately!! x

  • beautyholicsanonymous

    I love the RT sponge. I haven’t tried the original Beauty Blender (mostly because I didn’t want to pay that much for a piece of sponge) but I have to say, the RT sponge is really good. Maybe the Beauty Blender is better, I wouldn’t know but for now, I’m more than happy to stick with the RT one. :)

    • Angie

      I tried the Beauty Blender and really wasn’t a fan, I think I went in with too-high expectations… and then tried the RT sponge with really low expectations and I loved it… moral of the story, I should just try everything with low expectations :)

  • Sheri

    Hahaha love this! Grr I still can’t apply falsies, maybe I need an applicator… and better glue. I use my fingers and nope. just nope. The RT sponge sounds really good,but I haven’t been able to get a makeup sponge to work for me yet.

    Sheri | Behind The Frames

    • Angie

      Hehehe yep fingers and dodgy glue = very frustrated me, wondering why everyone else seems to do it so easily?? I hated the Beauty Blender but the RT sponge will never leave my side now, I think it’s the much broader shape which makes it easier to get around my face quicker, and a much better finish… might be worth trying if you get a chance! :)

  • Jasmine Huston

    Awesome picks! I absolutely loved this post haha you had me giggling all the way through! I’m also super bad at applying eyelashes.. they never seem to stick on both sides and one side is always lifting and gahhhh why! I might give that awesome sounding tool a try! I also have a pair of tweezers – no idea where I got them but they are amazing haha. It’s always the no name brands that are amazing haha xx

    Sweetaholic Beauty