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The January Wrap

I’m feeling very conflicted about the end of January. While we were still in month numero uno, I feel like I have a halfway reasonable excuse to still be living in a post-Christmas fug, daydreaming about having… Read more…

Top Picks: Australis

Top Picks: Australis

I don’t know about you, but I get pretty excited when I find a cosmetic brand that offers a range of products that can rival high end brands in terms of quality and performance, but are sold at a gloriously low… Read more…


2014 Makeup Favourites

Okay, so I didn’t want to start this post with the typical “Where did this year go?”, but, ummm, Where did this year go?? Talk about whizzing by at warp speed. It’s been a pretty fabulous year though, beginning with an… Read more…

New Makeup Additions

The New Makeup Additions

Nothing brightens up a sick beauty addict’s (why, why am I sick again??) day like playing with shiny new beauty things. Especially when they are all shiny new things that are going to see a lot of action in the days… Read more…

Hair Staples:

The Hair Staples

Not literally small stabby bits of metal in my hair of course. I’m talking the haircare and styling prodz and tools I turn to on a regular basis to get my mane looking a little less “pillow-imprint-on-back-of-head”…. Read more…

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