Hair Staples:

The Hair Staples

Not literally small stabby bits of metal in my hair of course. I’m talking the haircare and styling prodz and tools I turn to on a regular basis to get my mane looking a little less “pillow-imprint-on-back-of-head”…. Read more…

3 Step Facial:

3 Step At Home Facial

I’ll let you in on a little not-so-secret secret: I LOVE getting a facial. They vie for the top spot on the “Things Angie Loves” list, competing against Mint Slices, long baths and waking up without a headache after a few… Read more…

September Favourites:

The September Wrap

The official countdown to the start of daylight savings is on for anyone south of Coolangatta (sorry QLD’ers!), and it’s only a few more days and we are finally back to long afternoons, an abundance of natural light… Read more…

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